• Edmunds Online arms you with the confidencefraud protection for both Buyers and Sellers all over the globe.
  • Edmunds Online,
                        the shieldrecommended by many of the top Internet vehicle sales sites.
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  • You can be assured that Edmunds Online's unique protection processto buy or sell vehicles securely online.
Edmunds Online arms you with the confidence1 Edmunds Online,
                        the shield2 Edmunds Online, your transaction3 Edmunds Online, the possibilities4
We believe in protecting Buyers and Sellers equally!

5 simple & secure steps for Buyers and Sellers
Either the Buyer or Seller begins a transaction. After registering at Edmunds Online, all parties agree to the terms of transaction.
The Buyer submits the payment by approved payment method. Edmunds Online verifies the payment. The Seller is notified that funds have been secured.
Upon payment verification, the vehicle is sent. Edmunds Online verifies if the Buyer receives the vehicle.
The Buyer has a set number of days to inspect the vehicle and the option to accept it or reject it. The Buyer Accepts the vehicle.
Edmunds Online releases fund to the Seller and transfers the ownership. Transaction is complete - safely and securely!

The benefits of Edmunds Online
Peace of mind for vehicle Sellers
The Buyer sends the agreed upon payment to Edmunds Online. After verifying funds, we alert the Seller to send the vehicle to the Buyer.
Protected from fraudulent checks and money order scams, the Seller has peace of mind knowing funds are behind the Edmunds Online's shield.
Confidence for vehicle Buyers
We do not release the money to the Seller until the vehicle has been received and accepted by the Buyer.
This provides online car buyers the opportunity to inspect the vehicle before sellers are paid.